AV Installation – Kilbarchan Parish Church

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive sound system upgrade, The kirk session approached us to design a suitable replacement. Iur team of experienced audio engineers and designers collaborated closely with the church leadership to design and implement a state-of-the-art sound system tailored to the unique acoustics and needs of the sanctuary

Based on an assessment of the building, we devised a customized sound system design that included strategically positioned speakers, amplifiers, and microphones. The design aimed to ensure even sound distribution and improve the quality of the livestream system we installed earlier.

For equipment selection, we chose Martin Audio’s CDD range, with a combination of 8”, 6.5” and 5” speakers in white, along with the matching hardware. These speakers surpassed our expectations and are a good match to the rest of the building. For Amplification, we chose Crown XLS Series amplfiiers, which pack a great punch in a very lightweight and easy to install amplifier. Control was managed by a Soundcraft Signature 16 desk. We have used all sizes of this desk before in other installations, and this was a great addition here, with upto 12 microphone channels and the ability for upto 4 auxilary outputs, it’s a great entry level analog desk

The transformation achieved through the sound system installation at was truly remarkable.The new sound system delivered impeccable sound clarity, allowing every word and note to be heard with precision.

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Production Services – SAMH Centenary Launch

This week, we returned to Paisley Abbey, working with the Scottish Association for Mental Health for the launch of their centenary year to provide audio/video and production services.

Lighting was a key part of this job, and utilising a mixture of LED and incandescent light for both facelight and uplighting, creating a subtle but impactful look. This was our first outing of our new battery uplighting stock, which are great for complex spaces like this where their are limited power runs available. We also provided a full coverage sound system, with wired and wireless microphones along with a large rear-projected video projection solution.

Fantastic team to work with. They offered an expert, solution-based approach to help meet our event needs. Their understanding of the venue ensured we considered all it needed to help bring the space to life. Managing events can be stressful but having RNTS responsible for all sound, visual and lightning prior to the event and on the day was one less thing to worry about. They were on top of everything, organised and ready to go. 

Judith Deacons, PRogram Manager – SAMH

It was a pleasure to work with Judith and the team at SAMH, and look forward to working again in the future. You can find out more about SAMH centenary year on their website here: https://www.samh.org.uk/about-us/centenary

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Production Services – Olivier Latry at Paisley Abbey

We provided Audio and Video support to Paisley Abbey for their organ recital with Olivier Latry, Organist of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

We provided a full camera setup, showing the organ console from all angles, Including an extra ‘pedal cam’, showing some of the amazing multitasking at work!

For projection, we utilised a Rear-Projected 14ft Projector screen, along with carefully balanced lighting control for the best possible image.

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Video Install – Paisley West Church

This week, we’re back upgrading an install in Paisley West Church. Earlier this year, we installed a full video livestream system. Now we’re back to upgrade the main church video solution.

Following damage to their existing projector and screen setup, we decided to opt for a pair of 65″ commercial displays from LG. These units are super-bright, and are a vast contrast between the projectors originally installed. Another advantage of these displays was the switch to a widescreen (16:9) format, which is great for the vast amount of material now released with this aspect ratio. This was achieved with a HD-BASE-T wiring system with resolutions of upto 4K.

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Production Services – ACME Comi Con

Earlier This year we provided full technical support and equipment for ACME Comic Con – The largest comic and games convention in Scotland.

We provided PA systems, lighting, video and staff to accommodate 4 stages of panels, talks and performances as well as the amazing Iron Girders Wrestling stage.Our range of smaller active and passive PA systems were used with great effect to run the 3 smaller stages. Performances on these stages consisted of panels, spoken word and software demos, along with a plethora of cosplay show cases and themed dance performances.
Our main stage was powered by Scotland’s own Sherman Audio who were fantastic in providing a fantastic sounding system to enhance the many musical and headline events over both days.

We provided both ambient and stage lighting for this event, adding bursts of colour and feel throughout the space as well as dedicated lighting for all stages. This we feel really took the event to the next level and added to the wonder as different cosplays were illuminated differently wherever they went. We also utilised our new large-venue HD projectors for use on the Main Stage.

This Event was staffed by a highly experienced team picked from our pool of professional freelancers that ensured that the event ran flawlessly with no technical hitches. With a mixture of dedicated sound and lighting engineers, we were able to create separate atmosphere on all the stages, giving patrons the ultimate comic convention experience while not encroaching upon all the outstanding vendor stalls.

We were honoured to be tasked with running this sensational event, which saw over 10,000 people attend and enjoy over a spectacular weekend of all things Si-Fi and wonder.

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Managed Networking – Bishopton Parish Church

Bishopton Parish Church reached out to us to install structured cabling to allow them to convert one of the rooms in their cornerstone building into a computing lab in order to allow them to host a weekly Code Club. We were glad to help out and worked with them to discuss their requirements and how we could best help them achieve their goal.

We ended up installing 12 wired network points, plus 2 extra wired links; one for a TV and another for an access point which we integrated with their existing Wi-Fi solution. This project also required upgrading some of their existing network infrastructure to allow the computing lab to be seperated from the rest of the existing network, so we installed 2 new 16 port TP-Link Managed Switches. One to replace their existing switch, and a second, just for the computer lab.

The result was a fully functional computing lab, segregated from the existing network, and ready to help teach and inspire the next generation of great programmers!

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Production Services – Dance Month!

June in our calendar is always a busy month, and this year is no exception! June is dance season, and this year we had the privalage of over 13 performances in 5 venues.

We provided a range of equipment to suit each performance. This was the first outings for our new IG3T PA system. With over 1800w of power, we comfortably provided coverage for over 300 people. Also making an appearance was our LED wired bars and sunstrips. These are great to make your show stand out from the crowd!

We can provide full bespoque sound & lighting packages, or integrate with existing house systems.

Why not get in touch with us? Contact us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook to find out more!

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Livestream Install – Paisley West Church

Another sucsessful installation completed this week at Paisley West Church with the installation of a new 3 camera livestreaming system. This is still a popular install with churches, allowing to reach wider audiences over the internet.

The system consistes of two PTZ capable cameras. With 30x optical zooms, these are great for those shots that are hard to frame, while offering lots of flexability. We also mounted a descreet front-facing static camera, great for those wide angle shots of the congregation.

As part of this work, we also relocated the sound control from a corner of the church to a new purpose-built control area, and installed additional boundry microphones for recording and livestreaming.

Thanks to Jim and David from Paisley West!

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Livestream Install – Johnstone High Parish Church

Our first installation to be completed in 2022 was an installation of a 3-camera livestreaming system for Johnstone High Parish Church.

The main design goals for this system was to ensure the system is simple and easy to use, whilst covering all areas of the chancel, pulpit and downstairs areas as possible. To manage this, we installed 2 PTZ controllable cameras under the balcony and a single static camera pointing at the chancel & pulpit. this gives the operator multiple options for cameras when streaming, and the ability to change view as required.

For Sound, we connected to the church’s existing sound system. By doing this, their was no required operational change, and sound operators can continue operating as normal.

One challange presented in this church was the lack of an internet connection. With the church having no phone line, and adding one proving to be expensive and not practical, we installed a 4G based router, which connects to the internet via a cellular service, allowing for a steady internet connection for streaming and light internet browsing. We’ve found at times our 4G based internet connection to be stronger than telephone line based internet!

Thanks to the team at Johnstone Church, Willie, Ann and Greig! Their livestream can be found on their YouTube channel here

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