Our team of installation engineers are experts at designing and supplying perfect solutions for your venue. Our main installations focus around church congregations but we have also installed in small businesses, bars & restaurants.

  • We install and configure Audio & Video Installations. We can also diagnose and troubleshoot on an existing system.
  • We install Livestreaming Systems with multiple cameras and microphones.
  • We also install Wired & Wireless Networking Systems, allowing computer systems to be interlinked, or full coverage WiFi.

Why not get in contact with us as [email protected] and one of our installation engineers will be in touch! 


We offer many models of ongoing support with new or existing systems. 

Managed Service

Our Managed Service package specifically designed for church congregations, is designed to provide a one-stop technical support contact as well as other benefits. This includes:

  • An annual health check of your systems.
  • Emergency call out with a fault with your system.
  • Ongoing support via phone or email, as well as any required training on equipment.
  • For customers with email or Websites, regular updates to platforms and the creation and deletion of email addresses as required, as well as advanced analytics tools.
  • For customers with managed IT infrastructure, ongoing remote support and upgrade assistance, as well as helpdesk functionality.
  • For customers with managed networks, regular updates via our remote management tools.
  • Discounted rates on our hire equipment (microphones, cables, speakers, lights etc) and production services.