Livestream Install – Sherwood Greenlaw Parish Church​

RNTS was brought in to install a live streaming system at Sherwood Greenlaw Parish Church.

For the Primary Camera, we installed a High quality PTZ Camera on the center of the underside of the balcony in order to give a clear view of the Chancel and a large part of the front of the congregation. We then installed two additional static cameras just in front of the middle balcony support pillars in order to provide an alternative angle of the chancel and congregation.

For control, we installed a Black Magic ATEM Mini. This small but powerful unit handles mixing the video streams for the cameras into a single feed that is broadcast live over the web to YouTube and can also record the stream to a portable hard drive to be uploaded separately later to provide protection against network outages.

This was seamlessly integrated with their existing audio video setup to provide a simple and easy to use, yet powerful live streaming system.