AV Installation – Kilbarchan Parish Church

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive sound system upgrade, The kirk session approached us to design a suitable replacement. Iur team of experienced audio engineers and designers collaborated closely with the church leadership to design and implement a state-of-the-art sound system tailored to the unique acoustics and needs of the sanctuary

Based on an assessment of the building, we devised a customized sound system design that included strategically positioned speakers, amplifiers, and microphones. The design aimed to ensure even sound distribution and improve the quality of the livestream system we installed earlier.

For equipment selection, we chose Martin Audio’s CDD range, with a combination of 8”, 6.5” and 5” speakers in white, along with the matching hardware. These speakers surpassed our expectations and are a good match to the rest of the building. For Amplification, we chose Crown XLS Series amplfiiers, which pack a great punch in a very lightweight and easy to install amplifier. Control was managed by a Soundcraft Signature 16 desk. We have used all sizes of this desk before in other installations, and this was a great addition here, with upto 12 microphone channels and the ability for upto 4 auxilary outputs, it’s a great entry level analog desk

The transformation achieved through the sound system installation at was truly remarkable.The new sound system delivered impeccable sound clarity, allowing every word and note to be heard with precision.