Install – Laggan, Newtonmore & Kingussie Parish Churches

By far our most remote job to date, we recently completed an install of Audio / Video Systems in Laggan, Newtonmore and Kingussie Parish Churches.

This was no easy feat as most of the planning had to be done remotley due to the travel restrictions still in place when they first reached out to us. Thankfully, Ian (Our main point of contact for the 3 churches) was happy to provide plenty of pictures of the existing systems at each church and even some diagrams so that we could get a good feel for how the current systems were set up, even though we couldn’t see them for ourselves.

Armed with this wealth of information, we set out to design bespoke, yet similar systems for each church. Our aim was to ensure that each of the 3 churchs had a system that would meet their current needs while still leaving some room for future expansion, but that were also similar enough to allow the system operators to move from church to church without having to learn 3 completly seperate systems.

We opted to go with 100v Column Speaker systems from Adastra as these provided the best balance of features, including plenty of inputs of various types (including Bluetooth!) and and ease of use.

A few weeks after we finished the install, we recieved this lovely message:

Thank you so much for the amazing transformation you have brought about in our churches. It is a lovely feeling to go to church and know that the sound is going to work. To quote the person who has looked after the Newtonmore system for the past 12 years – “I could weep with Joy, Everything just works as it is supposed to!”

We are also looking forward to exploring how our new tech can be used in church services and also in community events. So many possibilites ahead of us.

We also really appreciate the friendly, patient and enthusiastic way you carried out all the work, which i know was not without its challenges.

Great work,
Thank you

Alison Armstrong, on behalf of Laggan and Newtonmore Parish Church, Linked with Kingussie