Livestream Install – Johnstone High Parish Church

Our first installation to be completed in 2022 was an installation of a 3-camera livestreaming system for Johnstone High Parish Church.

The main design goals for this system was to ensure the system is simple and easy to use, whilst covering all areas of the chancel, pulpit and downstairs areas as possible. To manage this, we installed 2 PTZ controllable cameras under the balcony and a single static camera pointing at the chancel & pulpit. this gives the operator multiple options for cameras when streaming, and the ability to change view as required.

For Sound, we connected to the church’s existing sound system. By doing this, their was no required operational change, and sound operators can continue operating as normal.

One challange presented in this church was the lack of an internet connection. With the church having no phone line, and adding one proving to be expensive and not practical, we installed a 4G based router, which connects to the internet via a cellular service, allowing for a steady internet connection for streaming and light internet browsing. We’ve found at times our 4G based internet connection to be stronger than telephone line based internet!

Thanks to the team at Johnstone Church, Willie, Ann and Greig! Their livestream can be found on their YouTube channel here